Woman in Gold 2015 (PG-13)


This is a touching story about a holocaust survivor who tries to recover a painting of her beloved aunt that was stolen by the Nazis.  She fights a long battle with the government of modern day Austria because they consider the painting to be a national treasure.  The movie is based on a true story and has some educational value because it explains the plight of those trying to seek restoration from Nazi crimes.  It also has some poignant scenes that are flashbacks to incidents of Nazi terror against the Jews.  It is of limited educational value however, because it assumes that the viewers already know the historical background of the events in the film.  Students would need the teacher to provide a lot more context for the film to make sense to them.  It has no sexual content, and only a little cursing.  The violence depicted in the movie is only what is necessary to portray the seriousness of the conflict.  There are only a few minor anachronisms used in the sets that most people would miss.  The film has great dramatic value, but might not be worth the class time spent on it when it is compared to other Holocaust films.

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