The Help (PG-13) 2011

You will laugh, you will cry, but you will mostly shake your head and ask yourself, “How could people be so full of hate in those days?”  This movie is a fictional account of a young Southern woman with a social conscience that wants to expose the cruel practices of the segregated South in the 1960’s.  She secretly conspires to meet with a group of black maids who tell her stories about how they have been mistreated by their racist employers.  When she publishes her exposé, the fat really hits the fire.  A few historical events are alluded to in the film such as the death of Medgar Evers and JFK, but this is not a strictly historical film.  It does do an effective job of helping students who never lived through these events understand just how bad discrimination was in that era.  The movie has some sexual references, but no nudity.  There is some use of profanity, but it is not excessive.  There are some violent scenes, but nothing too graphic is shown.  There are some minor errors such as props and vehicles being used that are not from the correct year for the film.  Overall, the film is worth showing if a proper introduction to the Civil Rights Movement is given first.

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