Red Tails 2012 PG-13

This film is a decent treatment of the Tuskegee Airmen story.  A film that proves it is still possible to make a war movie that is not rated R.  The film is fairly free of sexual content.  It has some profanity, but it is not excessive.  The violence depicted is appropriate to that of a war movie without being too gory.  As with most war movies, there are incorrect equipment and military protocol used in some instances.  Some of the technical aspects of flight in a bomber and tactics are also incorrect.  Some of the props and songs are not from the correct year.  As with most bomber movies, their role of the planes in the overall Allied victory is exaggerated.  None of the moral dilemmas or tactical effectiveness of carpet-bombing are discussed.  The extensive damage on the ground and its effect on civilians are mostly glossed over.  Overall, the movie is worth showing however.  It teaches an important civil rights lesson and helps students become better informed about WWII.

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