Northmen - A Viking Saga (2014) R

I used to say there are no good Viking movies, but they are definitely getting better these days.  This movie is a good adventure romp, but don’t expect to learn much history from it.  The R-rating of the film is well earned.  There is a lot of violence and blood and some foul language.  Believability is stretched quite a bit when the Viking heroes go from a shipwreck, to climbing a 100 + foot cliff, and then fight a battle where they are outnumbered 20-1 and still emerge victorious.  Another thing that is hard to believe is that an enemy princess and monk side with the Vikings.  Then they all run for their lives killing every one of their pursuers, and finally jump hundreds of feet down into the ocean unharmed and escape.  But it is all in good fun.  The acting is not great, but good enough.  There are no glaring historical errors, that I am aware of, or any problems with bias or historical omissions.  The film does not give much explanation for the historical background of the story.  This movie just doesn’t have much in the way of instructional value; so don’t bother showing it to your classes.