The King's Speech (2010) R

 A charming tale of King George V of England’s attempt to conquer his speech impediment in order to sound more dignified on the new media of radio.  Based upon a true story.  The film portrays the dilemma between the desire of a monarch to be a private person and the compulsion to have a public persona that people expect from royalty.  There are some minor anachronisms in the film involving costume pieces, props, and set pieces that are not from the correct time period.  Also, some of the titles of leaders are not used correctly.  Oddly the two princesses are always shown as the same age, even though many years pass in the course of the film.  Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that the king’s speech coach would curse at him or call him by his nickname.  It is useful for students to see an era before television, but not enough background material is provided to explain the historical context of the world events that took place during George’s reign.  The acting is quite good, but there is not enough content here to justify showing this film in a history class.

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