A Royal Affaire 2013 (R)

This is the story of an English princess who marries a mad Danish king that is reluctantly dragged into the Enlightenment.  Caroline was such a lucky girl.  Her brother was the Mad King George of England who tried to stop the American Revolution.  She barely escaped that turmoil in her homeland only to find that her new husband spurns her affections and is also half crazed.  In desperation, she turns to the court doctor from Germany who is a fan of Voltaire and other free thinkers.  She reads his banned books and manages to help the doctor become an advisor to the king.  As the doctor’s influence increases, he persuades the king to disband the stodgy, reactionary, royal council and institute reforms.  Things are going well, but then it its discovered that the good doctor is secretly sleeping with the Queen and everything falls apart.  The story is fairly accurate with the exception that the actors speak Danish, and that language was not used by the Royal court in the 1700’s.  It is played as a romance, with a somewhat preachy pro-Enlightenment message.  The adulterous couple is presented as great reformers and the founders of Modern Denmark.  The acting is good, but the plot moves along rather slowly.  There is no real profanity, but plenty of sexual content that would not be appropriate for young viewers.  I’m afraid that this movie would have little interest beyond Denmark.  It has very little educational value due to its very limited topic and the amount of pre-teaching that would be required to make it comprehensible to American audiences.  I don’t think that it would hold the attention of teenagers or is worth showing in its entirety.

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